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Jazart Records: Artist Bio

B I O G R A P H Y : L E O N A R D G A R R

Pianist Leonard Garr began his musical training on violin at age five. In his own words, “Loved music but hated practicing the violin.” At age ten he switched to piano. Looking back years later on this historic decision Leonard believes that even at an early age he began experiencing the longings to create the harmonies, chord voicings, and counter-melodies that fascinated him by the piano music he had heard.

He continued piano lessons through high school and studied music theory, harmony, and composition at Columbia University, New York, dropping out to join the cast of the Broadway Operetta “Rosalinda.” (In other minor roles were Gene Barry and a chorus girl named Shelly Winters!).

A stint in the U.S. Air Force took him overseas where he played USO clubs and a BBC show in London. Returning to graduate from Columbia U. Leonard began working the New York nightclub scene, playing many clubs including the Monkey Bar of Hotel Elysee (home of Tennessee Williams).

He literally played his way across the country in some of the top supper clubs before arriving in San Francisco where he took up residence for several years at the Domino Penthouse on Trinity Place and established himself as one of S.F.’s most popular solo pianists. Leonard has since played many of the very best rooms in the city including “The Top of The Mark” of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, Mason’s of the Fairmont Hotel, the Redwood Room of the Clift Hotel, and the Hyatt Union Square Hotel’s “One Up Club.”

Leonard Garr began his recording artist career in 1975 with the LP “Easy To Love” on the Claremont label. In January, 2000, his first full length CD “I Wish You Love” was released on the Jazart label. A second CD is scheduled for release in the Fall of year 2002.